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Translation bureau Ovruch. One of the oldest cities (16,8 thousand inhabitants) of northern Ukraine, centre of the same name raion, is located on the left bank of Noria River. The first annalistic mention of Vruchiy town is dated 977. By the end of the century it, being a well-fortified fortress with high earthworks, moat and lifting bridge, became the centre of Drevlian land. At the beginning of XIV century it was a part of the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia, and in the second half of the century - part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1399 Crimean khan Edigu, having defeated Lithuanian Duke Vytautas, destroyed Ovruch. It took many years to reconstruct the city, and after creation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Ovruch became a part of it. читать!>>

Translation Bureau Novohrad-Volynskyi. It is the city (55.8 thousand citizens) of Oblast subordination, Raion centre. Novohrad is located on the steep rocky banks of Sluch River. For the first time Zvyahol (the first name of the city) is mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle in 1257 as the city of the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia. From the middle of the XIV century, when the city was under the rule of Lithuania, it was owned by the Princes Zvyagelskii. In 1502 it was presented to Duke K. Ostrog, and five years later on a high steep bank of the river the construction of the castle was started. After the formation of Polish -- Lithuanian Common, Zvyahol falls under the authority of Poland and with the purpose of the Catholicism implantation, the Church was built (1600). читать!>>

Translation Bureau Korosten. KOROSTEN is one of the oldest towns (65.8 thousand inhabitants) of Oblast subordination of Northern Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of the Korosten Raion and is located on Uzh River. At the beginning of the X century Iskorosten was well-fortified fortress and the centre of Drevlian Principality. It is related to one of the tragic events, the history of the formation of Kievan Rus has a lot of such events. In 945, there was a rebellion of Drevlian, caused by the attempt of the Kiev Prince Igor re-collect tax from them. читать!>>

Translation Bureau Berdychiv. BERDYCHIV is the largest city of oblast subordination after administrative centre of the Oblast (82.3 thousand inhabitants), Raion center. It is situated on high banks of the river Gnilopyat. The first reliable documentary mention of Berdichev city dates back to 1545, when it was the property of V.Tyszkiewicz. After Union of Lublin the city became part of Poland. During 1634-1642 the lower church was build, which received intricate name Polish Roman Catholic church dedicated to Immaculate Conception, Saint Archangel Michael, Saint John the Baptist and Saint John Evangelical. читать!>>

Translation bureau Zhytomyr. The oldest city (274,3 thousand inhabitants), centre of Oblast and raion, is located on the rocky left bank of Teteriv River in the estuary part of Kamenka River. According to legend the city was founded by one of the Druzhinniks (member of people's guard) of Prince of Kyiv, who settled in 884 on the high bank of Kamenka River. The first written mention about Zhytomyr is dated 1305. Since 1362 the period of occupation of Ukrainian land by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania began. In 1444 Zhytomyr gained the Magdeburg Rights, but numerous devastating and ruining Tatar raids hindered city's normal development.
The influence of speech rate during simultaneous interpretation

It is found that that the rate of information processing during simultaneous interpretation is best suited to the average rate of spoken monologue speech in the source language, and is about of 120 words per minute. Also it is found that there is a phenomenon of "resistance" of an interpreter to the rate of the material processing being imposed from the outside. This resistance is expressed in the relative constancy of the interpreter's rate of speech in comparison with the rate of speech of the speaker. читать!>>
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