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According to provided information to the Governmental authorities of statistics of Ukraine, the state has identified Translation bureau Antario M as “Industry Leader 2011”. Enterprise “Antario M” (translation bureau, translation center) took the “28” place in the direction of “Provading of secretarial and translation services” among the enterprises of all forms of ownership that are registered and operate in Kiev.

Taking into account these achievements, the National Business - Rating provides to our translation bureau “The National Certificate 2011” indicating the place in the form of economic activity and a gold medal “Industry Leader 2011”.

Our translation bureau,”Antario M” (translation agency, translation center) is proud of its chievements in the field of translation of texts and documents. To take the “28th” place among the fifty best translation bureaus, translation agencies, translation centers in Kiev - is both honourable and responsible. Our team, seeing its achievements, and in the future will go to their targets, and achieve certain heights in its field.
The translation bureau Antario M is distinguished by the National Business Rating as a “Leader of the sector 2011”.

“Antario M” (translation agency, translation centre) took the “39” place in Ukraine among the enterprises in the direction of “Provision of secretarial services and translation services”.

Certainly we obtained such results due to our working collective. That’s why the high professionalism of our employees deserved the high esteem and the award with a Golden Medal “For labour achievements”
Please note that the National Business Rating is based solely upon the official data of the State bodies of statistics of Ukraine and during six years has monitored more then 300 000 enterprises of Ukraine of all forms of ownership according to four criteria:
1) the volume of sold products;
2) the net profit;
3) the salary;
4) the work productivity.
The "TOP 9 – professionals only" once again chose as The Best Company in the Sector of 2011 – 2012 years the Translation Bureau “Antario M”.
The choice of our Company is made according to results of the recognized rating of the portal TOP9.
Our translation bureau (translation agency, translation centre) specializes in the field of written translation, interpretation and urgent translation. Written translation concern different subjects: technical translations, medical translations, legal translations, belles-lettres translations etc. Interpretation: at negotiations, at seminars, at exhibitions, on journeys, before a notary etc.
Our translation bureau also offers: Apostille, legalization of documents, certification by the notary, renewal (exchange) of documents in Ukraine, receiving duplicates of documents in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, legalization in the Oblast Administration of Justice in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Chernigiv, Uzhgorod, Lviv, Donetsk and many other cities of Ukraine.
The gratitude from the UkrAvto Corporation concerns quality translations of text and long-term cooperation between our organizations.
The UkrAvto Corporation ordered in our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) mostly technical translations – such as maintenance manuals, manuals for use of different equipment, technical certificates for cars etc. We often performed legal translations – translation of statutory documents, translation of agreements etc. Many times UkrAvto ordered the services of our translators for both technical and business interpretation. The cooperation between our companies lasts until now.
The years-long cooperation with the Laboratory Innotech International concerning medical translations was specified in their letter of gratitude.
For the Laboratory Innotech International we do medical translations in large volumes up 500 pages per month. The material we have translated is totally different varying from a usual medical assessment report to a global medical investigation of a preparation.
Our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) also performs translation of medical certificates, medical extracts, manuals to medical equipment etc.
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