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Today, on 9 of November 2010 on 15:10 Ukrainian radio stations will show their support of the native language and conduct an all-Ukrainian Dictation of national solidarity.

Every citizen of Ukraine who respects their native language and who is against bilingualism in Ukraine, may join this campaign. Ukrainians are not the only nation in the world who protects their native language.

Our translation bureau (translation agency) Antario M is concerned with issues of Ukrainian language too. We also participate in support of Ukrainian language, by offering you translation from Russian and other languages into Ukrainian at a moderate price.

We make translation in such language pairs as Russian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Russian at a nominal fee.


On 6-8 of October the President of Slovakia Ivan Gašparovič is going to visit Ukraine informally.

Slovakia is a multinational state: 86% of population are the Slovaks, 11% - Magyars, 1% - Czechs, 0,3% - Carpatho-Russians, 0,3% - Ukrainians.

The State language is Slovak. It belongs to western subgroup of Slavonic group of the Indo-European language family. The writing system is based upon Roman script. In tourism centres German language is widely used. Younger people speak English, often Czech, Hungarian and Polish, and many middle-aged and senior citizens speak Russian fairly well.

Our Translation Bureau (Translation Agency) Antario M specializes in translation of documents and texts. We offer to our Clients the service of translation into Slovak language of the following documents:


The International Translation Day is a professional holiday of interpreters and translators.

It is celebrated on 30 of September presumably on the day of death in 419 or 420 of the Saint Hieronymus (Jerome) who made the translation of the Bible (Vulgate) in Latin and who is traditionally considered a patron of translators.

The holiday is set up by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) in 1991. This holiday gains popularity year after year.

In Ukraine the tradition of translation exists since ancient times. Philologists, archeologists and

Since 11 of October 2010 the new rules come into effect concerning submission of documents translation for legalization to the Spanish Embassy.


The documents with their translation should be submitted for legalization by the documents owner only.

Let us remind you that the legalization of documents translation in the Spanish Embassy is made for the following goals:

Permanent place of residence


There was a good reason in Soviet time to divide labour activity by five years periods. When you pass a five-years borderline, you naturally wish to make a small summary of your work into which you have put your heart and soul.

The translation bureau Antario M was founded in 2005, more exactly on 13 of September 2005.
On this day the registration certificate was issued. Now 13 is our lucky number.

The main kinds of activity of our translation bureau are the translation of texts and documents and interpretation. Besides translation and interpretation, our translation bureau provides additional services: certification of translations by the notary, affixing Apostille, legalization of documents, consular legalization, consultation for execution of documents, sending documents by mail, making layout and scanning, and many other.

While applying to the translation bureau for services of interpretation (spoken translation), you might have no doubt that you will get quality service.

Firstly, it’s a full-time interpreter who always goes to an interpretation session.

Secondly, at the time you are making an order you have a possibility to talk to the interpreter.

Thirdly, if one of our interpreters doesn’t meet your demands, you are given another interpreter.

And the last, while ordering the services of an interpreter in the translation bureau you might be sure that a full-time interpreter would not be late, would not come unprepared or in inappropriate costume.


In written translation of an English text arises a problem of correct rendering of proper names into Russian language.

For achievement of some uniformity in the method of rendering of English proper names it is necessary to define some basic points that a translator might follow while making written translation of an English text.

A difficulty here consists in that not all sounds of English language can be correctly rendered in translation and therefore the rendering of English given names, family names and proper names will be more or less approximate.

Very often we have to translate newspaper or magazine articles in different topics. In course of translation some questions may arise connected to the translation of newspaper headlines.

The peculiarities of development of the press in USA and Great Britain have made a prominent stylistic influence upon the style of newspaper headlines, the translation of which due to their specific character presents certain difficulties.

A headline in English and American newspapers plays a rather important role; its main goal is to attract the reader’s attention, to provoke their interest and even amaze them, and only in the second place a headline is given an informative and explanatory function - conveyance to the reader of the summary of the given article.

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Translation Bureau «Antario M», Kyiv is the team of professionals with 11 years of experience!

Our services: written translations, interpretations, translation of documents, Apostille, legalization, certification, scanning, editing, rewriting and more. Written translations of manuals, medical reports, technical documents, legal documents, fiction and more. Interpretation at conferences, seminars, negotiations, meetings, accompanying and at industries. Accompanying services for documents are stamping of Apostille, legalization, certification, etc.

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