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Kryvyy Rig Branch of Antario M Translation Bureau

The Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig on 01 of June 2011 begins its work at the new address:

Kryvyy Rig, Metalurgiv Avenue 36 A office 3

The Translation Bureau Office Kryvyy Rig is an independent organizational department working for the residents and companies of Kryvyy Rig and Dnipropetrovsk regions, having its own site -- the Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig.

Kryvyy Rig is the largest city rating after the oblast centre, (687,3 thousand residents) the city of oblast subordination, the region centre, which stretches for 50 kilometres along the river Ingulets and its left side Saksagan river. The territory where the city was founded lies by the rivers Ingulets and Saksagan that by their junction formed a long crooked cape ("rig") that most possibly gave the settlement its name.  

There is a place in Kryvyy Rig which has the most prominent impact to the visitor  - this is an open mine of YUGOK  (the Southern Mining and Processing Works), which is the largest in Ukraine. Along its terraces that darken as they descend into the depth of over a kilometre slide thin threads of trains carrying ore. This grandiose and almost phantasmagorical sight suggests instant respect for the city and the generations of its residents, who worked to create this magnificent monument of human strength and perseverance.


In our office you may order different services:

- Exchange of documents

- Legalization in the Administration of Justice in Dnipropetrovsk

- Legalization in consulates of Ukraine

- Apostille

- Translation of documents

- Notarial certification of translations

- Receiving non-conviction certificates

- Written translation

- Spoken translation (interpretation)


We believe you will be glad with our services!


Please pay your attention that since 01 of June 2011 the Kryvyy Rig office shall conduct a campaign "An "Open Door" Month" for more information please visit the web-site of the Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig.