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Discovery of documents (re-issued documents) in the cities of Ukraine

People often address our translation bureau (translation centre) asking for help in receiving new documents or re-issued documents (duplicates) in the registry offices, courts or archives. Officially this is called discovery of documents.

Just recently on 19 of May 2011 our employee returned from her business trip to Chernigiv city.  

Chernigiv is one of the old cities of Ukraine, an oblast and region centre, situated at the high right bank of the Desna river. Chernigiv is first mentioned in historical chronicles in 907. The monuments of the city's early history are the ancient mounds that still stand in the Boldiny Hills and other districts of the city. 

In 1678 in Chernigiv was founded the first printing house, and since 1689 under the archbishop's office functioned a  Slavic and Latin school. Since 1648 Chernigiv was a regiment centre, since 1782 it was the centre of a vicariate and since 1802  the centre of a province. In the central part of the city remain many old buildings constructed in XVIII-XIX centuries that add diversity to the strict architectural style of Soviet period. Now tourists love visiting this ancient city due to the great number of historical monuments.  

The business trip of our employee had an aim of receiving a re-issued birth certificate  in Nizhyn city, Chernigivska oblast. 

The certificate was issued in the early eighties of the past century. After receiving the re-issued document (discovery of the document), our employee had to do the primary legalization in the Oblast Administration of Justice. This task was successfully fulfilled.  

After this the document shall be submitted for Apostille and to other institutions connected with the documents legalization.  

To place an order in our translation bureau (translation centre) for discovery of a document (a re-issued document) in any city of Ukraine, the Client should:

-  know the city and the date of the document issue;

-  if you have an old-form document please bring it to our office;

-  if you have lost your document and have its copy only, please bring the copy;

-  it is advisable to bring a copy of the passport of the document's owner;

-  it is required to make a power of attorney in the notary's office according to the form that you get from the manager of our translation bureau (translation centre);

The price of discovery of a document or a package of documents and legalization in the oblast Administration of Justice at the place of the document issue starts with 1500,00 hrn., depending on the city/town of Ukraine, where the re-issued document shall be received.  

The period of providing this service -- from 2 to 5 working days. 

Also in our translation bureau (translation centre) you may order services for discovery of documents in CIS countries.

The price starts with 250 euro.