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  • Office: 24/45, Pochaininskaya street, office 1,
    city of Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

Now Antario M is a trademark

In order to avoid the improper actions of the unfair people and  to secure our Clients we registered Antatio M as a trademark. This is important for nobody to be able to use our name for attracting Clients and providing poor quality services and translations under our name.

Let us remind you that the translation bureau Antario MТМ  is an agency providing services of translating texts and documents, interpretation and affixing Apostille stamp.

In our translation bureau (translation agency) you document shall be professionally translated, edited and completed close to the original.  Our translation bureau (translation agency) provides additional services, such as: legalization of documents, affixing Apostille stamp, notarial certification of documents translation, discovery of documents (re-issued documents), scanning pictures into translation, making translation layout etc.

The high quality of provided services in our translation bureau (translation agency) became more then routine work for us but more of a philosophy. For our Client to be satisfied with our work we are ready to take into account any consideration concerning style and terminology in the translation.  Antario MТМ   is absolutely responsible for the quality of the translations done by our employees.  

Among the clients of our translation bureau (translation agency) are organizations and companies of different scale and business fields: banks, factories, private and State companies, restaurants, medical establishments etc. We strictly follow the rule of guaranteeing full confidentiality of received information.

The professionalism and prompt work of our managers allow us to react promptly upon every request concerning the translation of texts and documents, and quickly draw up orders and send ready materials after we receive payment for translation. If necessary, we promptly contact clients in the process of translating concerning style and terminology in translation and drawing up of the complete translation.  

We work in different topical fields, including:

- technical translation

- medical translation

- literary translation

- legal translation

- translation of technical instructions

- translation of IT texts

- translation of texts concerning physics and chemistry

- translation of belles-lettres

- translation of personal documents

- translation of newspapers' articles


We shall do everything for  Antario MТМ  to become your favourite trademark.