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А book presentation

On 11 of February 2011 in the Budynok Vchytelya (Teacher's House) public building in Kyiv was held a presentation of a book "The history of achievements of modern medicine: Modern medicine and health protection of Ukraine".

In the presentation took part the "Publishing House "Alfa-Vita" Ltd that has issued the book.

Why do we mention this event?

The reason is that our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) took direct part in the publishing of this book.

Since this is an issue in two languages, the translation into English was done by the translators of our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre).

This issue was published to enhance the prestige of the modern Ukrainian medicine.  

Ukrainian medicine has glorious traditions. The worldwide fame was gained by Ukrainian therapeutic, surgical, pediatric, and hygienic schools, founded by distinguished scholars and clinicians whose activity has been devoted to serving highest humanistic ideals.

This book contains a description of all medical treatment, scientific and educational establishments of Ukraine and biographies of the leading medical professionals of Ukraine.  

We are proud of making our humble contribution to the increase of prestige of modern Ukrainian medicine.

Besides, our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) specializes in translation of medical texts or medical translations.

Translation of medical texts is the hard work. On the correctness of these translations often depend health and life of a person. That's why in our translation bureau (translation agency, translation centre) we treat medical translations with highest responsibility.

We never do medical translation urgently within an hour because no hurry is acceptable in such an occasion. Even a small mistake may be dangerous. Also while translating a medical text our translators ask for professional doctors' advice if necessary.  

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