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The Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig on 01 of June 2011 begins its work at the new address: Kryvyy Rig, Metalurgiv Avenue 36 A office 3

The Translation Bureau Office Kryvyy Rig is an independent organizational department working for the residents and companies of Kryvyy Rig and Dnipropetrovsk regions, having its own site – the Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig.

Kryvyy Rig is the largest city rating after the oblast centre, (687,3 thousand residents) the city of oblast subordination, the region centre, which stretches for 50 kilometres along the river Ingulets and its left side Saksagan river. The territory where the city was founded lies by the rivers Ingulets and Saksagan that by their junction formed a long crooked cape (“rig”) that most possibly gave the settlement its name.

In our office you may order different services:
- exchange of documents
- legalization in the Administration of Justice in Dnipropetrovsk

Just recently on 19 of May 2011 our employee returned from her business trip to Chernigiv city.

The business trip of our employee had an aim of receiving a re-issued birth certificate in Nizhyn city, Chernigivska oblast. The certificate was issued in the early eighties of the past century. After receiving the re-issued document (discovery of the document), our employee had to do the primary legalization in the Oblast Administration of Justice. This task was successfully fulfilled.

After this the document shall be submitted for Apostille and to other institutions connected with the documents legalization.

To place an order in our translation bureau (translation centre) for discovery of a document (a re-issued document) in any city of Ukraine, the Client should:

In order to avoid the improper actions of the unfair people and to secure our Clients we registered Antatio M as a trademark. This is important for nobody to be able to use our name for attracting Clients and providing poor quality services and translations under our name.

Let us remind you that the translation bureau Antario M is an agency providing services of translating texts and documents, interpretation and affixing Apostille stamp.

In our translation bureau (translation agency) you document shall be professionally translated, edited and completed close to the original. Our translation bureau (translation agency) provides additional services, such as: legalization of documents, affixing Apostille stamp, notarial certification of documents translation, discovery of documents (re-issued documents), scanning pictures into translation, making translation layout etc.

We hereby inform our Clients, that the Department of Information and Image Centre of the Ministry of Education for affixing Apostille on documents changes its location.

Since 25 of March 2011 the Department of Ministry of Education shall be open for citizens at the address: Kyiv city, Pavlivska street 26/41

This information shall be useful for those willing to submit education documents for Apostille themselves.

Nevertheless we would like to remind you that submitting your documents in person takes a lot of your time and never helps to hasten the process. That’s why our translation bureau Antario M offers services for affixing the Apostille on documents issued in educational establishments.

The presentation of the book was held on 10 of March 2011 in the House of Teacher. The book is named “Flagman of modern education of Ukraine”. In the working out of this book also participated the translators of our translation bureau Antario M together with Alfa-Vita Publishing House.

This book contains a description of all educational establishments, both upbringing, scientific and school establishments of Ukraine and biographies of the leading professionals of Ukraine in the education domain.

This issue was published to enhance the prestige of the modern Ukrainian education.

We also apply our efforts to this matter. In our translation bureau Antario M are developed several translation products for pupils, students and everybody willing to enhance their qualification.

These are the following services:
editing of translations done by the students themselves


The participation of the interpreter of the Antario M translation bureau in the 15-th international exhibition “International Real Estate-2011”.

Since 23 till 26 of February in Kyiv was held the 15-th international exhibition “International Real Estate-2011”.

In the exhibition participated the representatives of Bulgaria, Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, Germany, other countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Our translation bureau has sent an interpreter to this exhibition having 10 years of professional experience. Her duties were interpreting for a Malta representative Mr. Trafford Busuttil.

In the Antario M translation bureau you may order the interpretation service for different events, for example the following:

On 11 of February 2011 in the Budynok Vchytelya (Teacher’s House) public building in Kyiv was held a presentation of a book “The history of achievements of modern medicine: Modern medicine and health protection of Ukraine”.

In the presentation took part the “Publishing House “Alfa-Vita” Ltd that has issued the book.

Why do we mention this event?

The reason is that our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) took direct part in the publishing of this book.

Since this is an issue in two languages, the translation into English was done by the translators of our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre).

This issue was published to enhance the prestige of the modern Ukrainian medicine.

For two years in succession our company Antario M is nominated as the best company in its field in the category “A Translation Bureau”.

Antario M offers highly professional translation services. These services include: written translation of texts and documents, spoken translation (interpretation), notarial certification (certification by the notary) of translated documents, affixing of an Apostille stamp etc.

Our translators and interpreters have already mastered 45 languages, from and into which we make both translation and interpretation. The translated documents in these languages may be certified by the notary.

We are constantly developing and our business is not limited to translations only; every year we add new kinds of services that we offer to our Clients.

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Translation Bureau «Antario M», Kyiv is the team of professionals with 11 years of experience!

Our services: written translations, interpretations, translation of documents, Apostille, legalization, certification, scanning, editing, rewriting and more. Written translations of manuals, medical reports, technical documents, legal documents, fiction and more. Interpretation at conferences, seminars, negotiations, meetings, accompanying and at industries. Accompanying services for documents are stamping of Apostille, legalization, certification, etc.

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