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“Antario M” (translation agency, translation centre) took the “39” place in Ukraine among the enterprises in the direction of “Provision of secretarial services and translation services”.

Certainly we obtained such results due to our working collective. That’s why the high professionalism of our employees deserved the high esteem and the award with a Golden Medal “For labour achievements” .

The places according to every criteria are summarized and in such a way is defined the total score and the place of the enterprise among its competitors. The rating system is distinct, transparent and excludes the participation of outsiders and incidental enterprises not included in the list. The data about the leaders of the National Business Rating are published in the official catalogue of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine – the “Commercial and Industrial Ukraine”.

The representatives of three brotherly East Slavonic nations – Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians, living in the neighborhood of each other and comprising in general the majority of Slavonic people, freely understand each other, notwithstanding that their languages include some discrepant sounds, there are represented some special grammatical forms and speech expressions and many forms do not correspond in their form and meaning.

Meeting the representatives of other Slavonic nations, a Ukrainian, a Belarusian or a Russian person shall effortlessly understand the meaning of many words, and if they listen to a talk carefully, then they shall understand the meaning of whole sentences. If we make some efforts, we manage to understand the speech of a Polander and a Czech, a Bulgarian and Serb, though for practical knowledge of their languages we need special learning.

In our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) you may order a translation of documents into Slavonic languages, and translation of documents and texts from Slavonic languages. Translation is done only by translators with a diploma, and then the translation can be certified by a notary.

Ukraine as an independent sovereign state was established on 24 of August 1991 within the borders of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the former USSR. It is the second largest (603 700 km2) country in the European Continent after the Russian Federation.

The state language is the Ukrainian language, which according to the results of the last population census about 68% of all the country population recognized it as their native language, though the great majority of people living in Ukraine use Russian as their everyday language.

Every year in Ukraine since the moment of its establishment in 1997 on 9 of November is celebrated the Day of Ukrainian literature and Ukrainian language. On this day are given dictations in schools, in educational establishments, in state institutions, and via radio is given the All-Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity for support of the native language.

Translation plays a prominent role in exchange of ideas between different nations and serves the popularization of treasures of world culture. Therefore translation is an important auxiliary means that enables the language to fulfill its communicative function in cases when people express their thoughts in different languages.

Accordingly a person who has mastered perfectly this “auxiliary means” is a TRANSLATOR.

In our translation bureau “Antario M” (translation agency, translation centre) work experienced translators who perfectly know the art of translation, the theory of translation and also maintain the style of translation, execution of translation and quality of translation. Our translators constantly improve their knowledge and increase their professional level and also follow all innovations in the field of text translation, both written and spoken.

On 13 of September 2011 the translation bureau “Antario M” celebrates its six years’ anniversary. This is not a jubilee and not a “round” date but a significant event for us and our dear Customers.

On the occasion of the Birthday of the translation bureau “Antario M” (translation agency, translation centre), we have organized a festive campaign called “Six plus six” or “13 – a lucky number”. You may read about the rules of the campaign in our column “News and campaigns”.

The Kyiv translation bureau “Antario M” offers a wide range of services. The most popular kinds of translations by our translation bureau: written translation, spoken translation (interpretation), technical translation, medical translation, translation of statutory documents, translation of legal documents, belles-lettres translation, translation of literary texts...

Do you like reading? The translation bureau Antario M turns your attention to the event that shall be interesting to all avid readers. From 16 till 18 of August 2011 in Kyiv in the National centre of business and cultural co-operation “Ukrayinskyy dim” shall take place the VII Kyiv international books exhibition fair.

At the exhibition is widely represented fiction literature, children’s literature, educational, reference and scientific literature, also popular scientific literature, business books, art albums etc. The book admirers may also enjoy antiquarian and deluxe editions.

Our translation bureau team is an avid admirer of good books and quality literature. Not only we read books but take part in translation of poplar scientific and fiction literature.

To our translation bureau (translation agency) addressed a customer with a request of receiving re-issued documents (discovery of documents). Originally the documents were issued in a registry office of Kirovograd city. As far as the Customer stays outside Ukraine, the care about discovery of the documents was undertaken by our translation bureau (translation agency) Antario M.

After receiving the certificates in the registry office they have to be legalized in the oblast Administration of Justice. In this case this is in Kirovograd. Kirovograd is the city (243,2 thousand inhabitants), an oblast and region centre, situated at the hilly banks of the Ingul river.

In 1754 was formed a settlement that gradually grew and in 1764 became the centre of Yelizavetynska province and since 1775 – the Yelizavetgrad city.

The translation bureau Antario M (translation centre) became a Member of a Club TOP9Club. The Club Members can be the companies registered with the site "TOP9-professionals only!". The membership in the Club offers a possibility to purchase goods or use the services of the Club member Companies with a minimum discount of 10%!!!

What do you need to do to get a club card?

You shall order any service of our translation bureau for the sum from 2500,00 hrn. and you automatically receive a discount of 10% for this order and a club card with the discount of 10%* for all further orders of services in our translation bureau Antario M (translation centre), and for goods and services of all members of TOP9Club.

Let us remind you the list of services you can get in our translation bureau:
- written translation
- interpretation (spoken translation)
- documents translation

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Translation Bureau «Antario M», Kyiv is the team of professionals with 11 years of experience!

Our services: written translations, interpretations, translation of documents, Apostille, legalization, certification, scanning, editing, rewriting and more. Written translations of manuals, medical reports, technical documents, legal documents, fiction and more. Interpretation at conferences, seminars, negotiations, meetings, accompanying and at industries. Accompanying services for documents are stamping of Apostille, legalization, certification, etc.

Don't miss the chance to get our regular client card! We have a regular client card! When placing the order for the amount of 500 UAH' you receive a card with 3% discount, when placing the order for the amount of 1000 UAH' a card for 5% discount and for order of the amount 2000 UAH – regular client card for 10% discount! Regular client card gives you the opportunity to get a discount on ALL services of the Translation Bureau Antario M!

We are respectful of your time! So we quickly and efficiently do our translations. And also, only we have a wide range of languages!
We work for you!