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The International Economic Rating "League of the Leading Enterprises" once again completed a rating of the enterprises in the nomination "The enterprise of the region - 2012". The enterprise "Antario M" (translation bureau, translation centre) got the "19" place (Kyiv) in the business direction "Secretarial services, translation services and forwarding work" (KVED 74.83.0).

The translation bureau Antario M is an agency offering services in the area of translation of texts and documents, as well as interpretation and affixing the Apostille stamp. In our translation bureau (translation agency) you can get a professional translation, edited texts, as well as the form of documents and texts as close to the original as possible.

Written translation: technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, literary translation, translation of fiction, translation of statutory documents, translation of personal documents (certificates, employer's certificates, passports, diplomas, school graduation certificates etc.), translation of personal correspondence, both in paper form and on-line, translation of business correspondence, both in paper form and on-line, translation of slides, translation of labels, translation of sites, translation of newspaper and magazine articles etc.

Our translation agency "Antario M " had a task to get a re-issued birth certificate in Lviv. The customer who stayed in another country set us a goal to discover a document and legalize it in the Department of Justice in Lviv for further affixing the Apostille stamp. This problem had to be solved as soon as possible. To do this our manager who works with documents was sent to Lviv for discovery of documents. However, for the discovery of documents it is not necessary to travel to any city in Ukraine. It can be done remotely. But in our case, the exchange of document had to be performed in one day.

This was done by our translation agency employee on January 29, 2013. On this day, he managed to get a re-issued birth certificate, as well as make legalization of this new certificate in the Department of Justice in Lviv. The further procedure of affixing the Apostille stamp was conducted in Kyiv..

For accomplishing this task, namely the discovery of documents in the shortest time, the Power of attorney from the client is required.

Service of translation of standard documents with notarization during the day. Now you can order the translations of standard documents with notarization during the day with NO EXTRA CHARGE for urgency. As we are in the same room with the notary, some services in our translation bureau can be accelerated and simplified.

Ordering the translation of standard document you do not need to come for it the next day or pick for you a convenient time. During the day you will get full service, notably according to the USUAL COST. You just need to walk a couple of hours.

We remind that there is a service of translation of standard documents and notarization of these translations. Standard documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, copy of passport, certificate of no criminal record, certificate of employment, certificate of residence, certificate from the educational institution, diploma, certificate, invoice, certificate of registration etc, in the translation bureau Antario M.

According to provided information to the Governmental authorities of statistics of Ukraine, the state has identified Translation bureau Antario M as “Industry Leader 2011”. Enterprise “Antario M” (translation bureau, translation center) took the “28” place in the direction of “Provading of secretarial and translation services” among the enterprises of all forms of ownership that are registered and operate in Kiev.

Taking into account these achievements, the National Business - Rating provides to our translation bureau “The National Certificate 2011” indicating the place in the form of economic activity and a gold medal “Industry Leader 2011”.

Our translation bureau,”Antario M” (translation agency, translation center) is proud of its achievements in the field of translation of texts and documents. To take the “28th” place among the fifty best translation bureaus, translation agencies, translation centers in Kiev - is both honourable and responsible. Our team, seeing its achievements, and in the future will go to their targets, and achieve certain heights in its field.

Dear clients and visitors of translation bureau “Antario M”, we are excited to inform you that we are becoming closer to you. Since 3 of May, 2012, we changed the address. Now we are in a very convenient location near the underground, and also with cultural and historical objects.

The new address of translation bureau: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street 110, off. 4 (former Krasnoarmeiskaya) Metro“The Palace of Ukraine” Intercom - Call "4K" Kiev Ukraine 03150

Translation bureau “Antario M” (translation agency, translation center) provides numerous services, such as: translations - translation of texts and documents, translations of technical documentation, translation of medical research, translation of foundation documents, translations of juridical texts...

Have you planned for a long time to go for a trip abroad, to file documents to a prestige European University, to marry a handsome foreigner? Why not do it now?

The process of search for an agency (translation bureau), that would competently help you and process your documents is not easy. You will have to look through the whole internet, to address and phone to many companies to choose a suitable and competent agency (translation bureau)!

But the search process shall not be so depressing, long and difficult if you let TRANSLATION BUREAU ANTARIO M help you. The advantages are obvious: in our office you will effortlessly get the complete range of services of the translation bureau «Antario M».

For the visual perception of translation activity we made a video clip about our translation bureau Antario M.

Some people perceive information only by listening, by calling in our office, and some people prefer watching video material. That’s why our advertisement department made a video with the detailed information about our translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre). This video clip provides easy information perception and offers a possibility for our clients to learn more about us and our work.

The Translation Bureau “Antario M” Kyiv was founded in September 2005. The main kind of business of our translation bureau is the translation of texts and documents and interpretation (spoken translation).


The latest publishing of the anniversary presentation and image edition “Chronicles of Achievements of Modern Ukraine: “Successful professionals of Ukraine” continues the fundamental series of such editions and is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.

This edition offers a comprehensive and vivid talk about the work of successful and talented officials, politicians, public officers, teachers and scholars, heads of the leading enterprises, medical officers, artists and sportsmen, - all people who work for success of the Ukrainian state and are an example of devoted service to it.

We, the translation bureau Antario M (translation agency, translation centre) are proud of being directly involved in the publishing of this edition. The translation of articles in English was performed by the translators of our translation bureau. Together with the Alfa-Vita Publishing House Ltd we have prepared the third book of the series.


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Translation Bureau «Antario M», Kyiv is the team of professionals with 11 years of experience!

Our services: written translations, interpretations, translation of documents, Apostille, legalization, certification, scanning, editing, rewriting and more. Written translations of manuals, medical reports, technical documents, legal documents, fiction and more. Interpretation at conferences, seminars, negotiations, meetings, accompanying and at industries. Accompanying services for documents are stamping of Apostille, legalization, certification, etc.

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