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Is Gravlax translated from Swedish?

Many of us like salted fish, especially the snacks made of it. And especially if it's the red fish!

In the restaurants everyone often orders the snacks of salted salmon, thinly sliced and sprinkled with dill. And almost everyone thinks that it is a purely Ukrainian serving.

But only a few people know that this dish is called - gravlax. And it belongs to the Nordic kitchen. Most often it is served in Sweden. And this serving, sprinkling of fish with dill, is common in the Swedish version, as Swedes prefer just dill to all herbs. That is typical for Ukrainian cuisine. By the way, the Ukrainians have borrowed not just dill from Swedes!

Gravlax translated from Swedish - "Grav" as coffin "lax" as salmon, or rather "buried salmon". This name was given to the dish because of the method of preparation in the Middle Ages: rolled salted fish was buried in the sand for some time.

Gravlax  is salmon just salted in Swedish way.

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