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New! Information concerning certificates of no criminal record

Since October 1, state authorities and local authorities have no right to demand from the citizens the provision of information, with which the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine operate, in paper form.

This refers to the extracts from the register of real estate and businesses, as well as certificates of no criminal record.

For example, in course of the provision of services for obtaining a weapon possession license it is not necessary to submit a certificate of no criminal record in the package of documents to the Permit System, as well as when submitting a package of documents for an international passport it is not necessary to file a certificate of no criminal record.

From now on, officials have access to databases and may acquire all necessary information themselves. Government authorities have had more than six months to connect to the registers. This is a very simple procedure that can be learned by any official.

But we want to warn you that this only concerns the package of documents for submission to the domestic Ukrainian authorities.

For provision to the embassies or foreign authorities a certificate of no criminal record should be formalized as a document in due form and, when necessary, legalized or endorsed with an Apostille. Translation is made into the language of the country, to which the document shall be provided.

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