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Translation of documents from the Thai language

The Kingdom of Thailand until the early XX century was the State of Siam. In this country Buddhism has been the state religion for 2000 years, and it is the only country in the Far East which has never been a colony of any European state. Accordingly after renaming Siam became Thailand that in Thai means "Thai" - Freedom, and "Thailand" - the country of the Thais. The Head of state is the King, he is the patron and the protector of all religions. Thais love the royal family like they worship the gods.

The official language is the Thai language. However, in some communities, where the ethnic nationalities live the Malaysian, Chinese, Khmer, Hmong (one of the dialects of the Lao language), and Vietnamese are spoken.

The translation bureau Antario M offers the service of written translation from the Thai language. Most often we are asked to perform a translation of marriage certificates. In the country of people raised with the Kama Sutra love is in the air. So many women marry Thai men.

The Thai language has one particular feature - some words or names are spelled differently, but read the same, such are the peculiarities of this language. If a single letter of a word is removed, it will be written differently, but according to the rules read as before. Thus, in case of the translation of these differently spelled words, their meaning in Ukrainian or Russian language shall be the same.

Our translation bureau offers assistance in the translation of documents and texts from the Thai language. Contact us and you will get a quick and high quality translation of various documents with notarization.

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