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  • Office: 24/45, Pochaininskaya street, office 1,
    city of Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

What do you know about «Antario M»!?

«Antario M» – is 10 Years of Work Experience
«Antario M»– is a United Team of Professionals

«Antario M» – is a Trade Mark

«Antario M»-  is Quality and Success

Our translation bureau doesn’t provide services, «Antario M» is translation itself!  

We are living in the world of translation. Translation is a prime purpose of our work.

What if we were asked what translation is?

We would surely answer – «Translation is the translation bureau «Antario M»!

The translation bureau «Antario M» was established in September 2005, more exactly on September 13, 2005. This day a registration certificate was issued. Number 13 brings us luck now. 

Over the whole period of our work we have got certain achievements, namely:

By the organization   "TOP 9 – professionals only"  our translation bureau was three times named
- The best company of the sector "Translation bureau" 2009-2010
- The best company of the sector "Translation bureau" 2010-2011
- The best company of the sector "Translation bureau" 2011-2012

At the beginning of 2012 we were chosen by the National Business Rating as a «Leader of the Sector 2011». «Antario M» (translation agency, translation centre) took 39 place in Ukraine among the companies in the field «Provision of secretarial and translation services».

Our work also received many Letters of gratitude from our regular customers.

We contributed to publication of three books from the series “Chronicles of Achievements of Modern Ukraine”, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine:
 - «Chronicles of Achievements of Modern Medicine: Modern medicine and health protection of Ukraine»
 - «Flagship of modern education of Ukraine»
 - «Chronicles of Achievements of Modern Ukraine: “Successful professionals of Ukraine»

Our translators have participated in many projects: worked with Italian engineers on the shop floors during equipment installation; participated in international exhibitions with the representatives of different countries, one of them was the 15-the international exhibition "International Real Estate -2011" with the representative of Malta; accompanied a German representative through the cities of Ukraine for acquaintance with our agriculture; participated in a master class of the winner of the  Open international architectural competition «Urban Landscaping of the central area of Kyiv» ; accompanied foreign citizens for resolution of their issues in official institutions of Ukraine  (in archives, courts, registry offices…); even accompanied the relatives of a foreign fiancé during his wedding etc.

In March  2011 we registered  «Antario M» as a trademark for avoidance of  improper actions from  unfair competitors.

In June 2011 we opened our representative office in Kryvyy Rig city. The Translation Bureau Office Kryvyy Rig is an independent structural unit that works for people and companies in Kryvyy Rig and Dnipropetrovsk region, having its own website  Translation Bureau Antario M Kryvyy Rig.  

Having started our activities with the translation of standard documents, we have developed at the same time and reached the professional level in such kinds of translation as: technical translations, medical translations, translations of legal and statutory documents, translations of fiction and non-fiction literature, perevod, translation of promotional texts and newspaper articles, interpreting etc.

We have the following results in numbers:

-    Translated over 95 532 pages of texts and documents
-    Conducted over 938 hours of interpretation
-    Made 35 367 notarial certifications
-    Learnt 47 languages at the highest level and all with notarial certification

ut that's not all!

We do not just translate, we are involved in all the processes that accompany translation:

 - Notary certification of translations
 - Agency certification of translations
 - Certification of copies of documents
 - Apostille
 - Legalization of documents
 - Legalization of documents in embassies - Brazilian Embassy, Italian Embassy,  Embassy of China, Embassy of Kuwait, Embassy of Cuba, Embassy of Chile, Embassy of France, Embassy of Switzerland, etc.
 - Exchange of documents (discovery of documents) – we have visited such cities as Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Uzhgorod, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyy, Chernigiv. We have made exchange and legalization of documents in the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan.
 - Stamp of the Oblast Administration of Justice
 - Translation editing
 - Scanning documents and pictures
 - Translation layout 
 - Courier delivery

The principal slogan of our work is  «STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL». This means that all information our translation bureau receives both in electronic or printed form has a confidential status.

We welcome you to our office to see it is not just words.

Truly yours, the team of the translation bureau Antario М!