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  • (044) 599 5290
  • Office: 24/45, Pochaininskaya street, office 1,
    city of Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

We work with clients from all over Ukraine

Office of our translation bureau (translation agency, translation centre) is located in Kyiv, but we provide our services all over Ukraine.

So as to order the translation of documents, translation, interpretation, technical translation or translation of the text, the Customer doesn't need to come to Kyiv. There are local translation bureaus in many cities of Ukraine, but these firms work with a small number of languages. In our bureau the Customer can translate documents both from and into 50 world's languages.   

We accept translation order both by telephone (044) 599 5290 and in electronic form

The Customer, being in his/her city, can get the same services of technical translation, legal translation, translation of constituent documents or personal documents, affixing of Apostille, discovery of documents, authorization in consular departments and notarization of documents, as the inhabitant of Kyiv.

In some cases, namely, if you are outside of Ukraine, we come to your city ourselves to provide such services as: re-obtaining of documents, affixing of stamp of Oblast Department of Justice, exchange of documents, interpretation, etc.