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Receiving of re-issued documents (copies)

Discovery of new documents

          Citizens often address us with a request of getting new documents or re-issued documents (duplicates) in registry offices, courts and archives. This process is officially called discovery of documents.

           Such requests occur when the documents (certificates) are of old form, when they are issued before 1998. Such documents are not accepted for affixing Apostille. Originally issued documents or documents of old form are prepared only for the countries applying legalization of documents.

           A request for discovery of documents may be sent in written form by the documents owners directly at the address of archive institutions of Ukraine. But they may spend long time waiting for the answer, too.

          To speed up this process, we offer you help in getting re-issued documents or discovery of new ones. Our translation bureau may also send one of its employers to any Ukrainian city for getting exchange (re-issuing) of documents. For this purpose you give us the original documents that need to be exchanged or the copies of lost documents that have to be re-issued.

          An obligatory requirement is a Power of Attorney from the documents owner that has to be certified by a notary or in Ukrainian consulate in the territory of the state where the Client currently stays.

           The price of discovery of (re-issued) documents depends on the region of Ukraine and on organization that issues documents.

A summary for discovery of documents about registration of civil status acts in Ukraine.

           Such certificates are re-issued for the persons for whom a civil status record was made, and the re-issued birth certificates of children may be issued to their parents or foster parents.

          The re-issued birth certificates of children under 18 my also be issued to guardians or tutors of a child or administration of children institutions where children reside and get education. The persons aged 16 may get the certificates re-issued when they produce their passport.

          To a person deprived of parental rights the birth certificates of their children may not be re-issued. While re-issuing a birth certificate the information about parents is given in full conformity to the data of the birth record.

            Death certificates are re-issued to the relatives of the late person only (their children, including adopted children, their spouses, their brothers and sisters, their grandfather and grandmother on the father's as well as on the mother's side of the family). Their family relation shall be duly documented.

          The re-issued certificates about a marriage that has been dissolved are not issued. In this case upon request of the applicants a certificate of the standard form is issued.

            The certificates about registration of civil status acts are issued to the persons for whom a civil status record was made. Besides, the birth certificates, marriage certificates, marriage dissolution certificates, certificates of name change, of making amendments, additions, corrections to the record are issued to direct ascendants or descendants and to foster parents, guardians or tutors.

           In the application for re-issuing of a certificate are included: the surname, name, patronymic name and address of an applicant; the surname, name, patronymic name of a person whom this certificate concerns; what kind of a certificate is needed; when and by what registry office a record was made; the aim of requesting of a re-issued certificate.

            If a birth certificate is requested, the surname, name and patronymic name of the parents are also mentioned. While discovery of a marriage certificate or a certificate about dissolution of marriage is also mentioned the person with whom the marriage is registered or dissolved.

            To the persons not related to an applicant the re-issued certificates or documents are issued only when a Power of Attorney is produced.