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Learn how to make legalization of your documents

          Legalization of official documents was practiced in the territory of Ukraine before the Hague Convention in Ukraine became effective on 22 of December 2003.

           Now the legalization of official documents is made for the countries that haven't signed the Hague Convention in 1961 for simplifying the documents execution.

          Documents issued in Ukraine, designed for usage in the territory of any other country are subject to legalization in the Ministry of Justice (in the oblast Registry Office) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after that they are certified in the Representative Office of the Consulate (the Embassy) of the country for which they are being legalized.

          The stamps of legalization, as well as the Apostille, are affixed to the original document (documents issued in the Registry Offices after 1998) or to its copy certified by a notary (documents issued in the Registry Offices before 1998, documents from housing maintenance bureaus (ZHEK), educational documents etc.), and also to the translation certified by a notary (double legalization), if it is required by the rules of documents execution in the country where they shall be submitted.

          After this time-consuming procedure the documents should undergo the final stage -- the consular legalization.

          Consular legalization of official documents is a procedure of confirmation of original documents or certification of authenticity of signatures of the officials authorized to certify the signatures on documents and the authenticity of stamps, and seals, that certify the document. Thereby the consul bears no responsibility for the content of the document.

           Consular legalization consists in determination and certification of the authenticity of signatures on documents and acts and their correspondence to the laws of the state of residence (state of residence of the consul).

          If you don't have a possibility to go through all these complicated stages from one Ministry into another, then we will be glad to do it instead of you. The basic condition for legalization of documents if the requirement to execute in a notary's office a Power of Attorney for our employees for submission of documents instead of you.

          Consult Antario M and learn whether the country for which you are preparing your documents has signed the Hague Convention or you should make legalization of your documents. You may learn it from our manager, who has a list of such countries.