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Apostille or Going round

           It is already much written about Apostille and Hague convention so we will not add anything to this information. At any web-site of any translation bureau you may find information about what Apostille is and for what countries is this stamp required. We would like to tell you how you shall act in the situation when you need to affix Apostille stamp to your documents.  

           Firstly you shouldn't panic and phone in every organization or turn the Internet upside down searching for what Apostille means. First, you should define the complete list of documents that you personally need to prepare in your situation.

           This information you may learn either from the host party (registry office, employer, educational establishment), or from our manager by phone 599-52-90.

           Next you should define to which institution your documents pertain. There is the way you define it:

           All documents issued by registry offices (birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of marriage dissolution), courts (court decisions, enforcement orders), legal and notarial bureaus (applications, powers of attorney, translations certified by a notary), pertain to the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine accepts documents at the address: Kyiv city,

          Documents issued by schools, universities, institutes and other educational establishments under state jurisdiction: (certificates of secondary education, diplomas, enclosures to them, student's record books, educational programmes etc.), pertain to the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education of Ukraine is situated at the address: Kyiv city, Peremogy street 10, room 121

           Lastly, the documents issued by the internal affairs agencies of Ukraine (non-conviction certificates, certificates of place of residence, medical certificates bearing the stamp of the Ministry of Health Care), pertain to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, address: Kyiv city, Velyka Zhytomyrska street, 2

           It is necessary to know how much Apostille stamps should be affixed to your documents: one or two or your documents should undergo the procedure of translation by an accredited translator. This information may be given to you by an embassy officer.

If this process for you means exhausting going round and round, then our translation bureau is at your service.

Our manager, an expert in Apostille will consult you on all issues related to Apostille.  


All the Ministries affixing the stamp of Apostille accept documents without a power of attorney. It means that if you are short of time or feel confused then a representative of our company may submit your documents for affixing Apostille. 

The cost of Apostille

The Ministry of Justice - 150 hrn. for one document

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs   - 150 hrn. for one document

The Ministry of Education:

35-40 working days -- 151 hrn. for one document

Urgent processing of documents:

10 working days -- 235 hrn, documents without request

20 working days -- 439 hrn, documents without request

20 working days -- 349 hrn, documents with request