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Antario M translation bureau specializes in provision of services in a specific field of activity.

Our company doesn't manufacture goods or foodstuffs, doesn't produce clothes or use machinery, but we fulfill our work professionally.  

So what exactly does the work of a translation bureau consist of?

The main activity of a translation bureau is the process of translation itself.

The main services provided by our translation bureau Antario M are written translation of texts and documents, and interpretation in negotiations, seminars etc. But anyway main work requires related or additional services.

Our translation bureau has the following additional services:

            - Notarial certification of translation of texts and documents

            - Certification of translations by the seal of the translation bureau;

            - Marking with Apostille stamp;

            - Legalization of documents;

            - Receiving and discovery of new documents (copies);

            - Our work in other cities of Ukraine;

            - Editing of texts and translations;

            - Scanning as an additional service;

            - Layout of documents;

            - Delivery and dispatch of documents to our Customers.

Why there is a need for those additional services?

There is almost always a need after translation of a document to certify the translated document by a notary.  There is no good when a Customer receives a translation of their document in a translation bureau and has to address another company for its certification. 

The same is true for technical translation: you may not only translate technical documentation and not insert schedules or images in the translation.  No engineer or design engineer would be able to work with such a document.

An experienced manager of a translation bureau should know the translation of what documents may be certified by a notary and what documents are submitted with the seal of the translation bureau only. He or she should also know in what cases and on what documents the stamp of Apostille is made; for what countries it is made and for what countries legalization of documents is required. How to execute in a correct and competent way a technical, medical or legal translation, what is needed for this: scanning, editing or layout of a translation. It is necessary to know how to send this translation to the Customer: by currier service, by post or by train. What currier services suit best, whether they are reliable, what is their price policy etc.

Of course, a translation bureau may only perform translation of texts and leave everything else for other companies. But this is against our rules. We pay special attention to additional services. We are constantly increasing our level of knowledge for documents legalization. We follow innovations from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine. We learn about new IT technologies designed for translators.

This practice not only increases our professionalism, but helps our Clients to spare their time, money and nerves. This is because a comprehensively competent manager is always able to answer correctly various questions, to offer correct consulting to his Customer and to fulfill his main job properly and in time.

That is what the professionalism of our translation bureau involves.