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Presence of a degreed translator at the notary's office


A notary may perform their notarial actions not only for citizens of Ukraine but also for foreign persons.

Those may include:

-        a deed of purchase and sale of an object or a flat

-        signing of an agreement

-        conclusion of a Power of Attorney

-        conclusion of an application for departure of a child abroad

-        work with an  inheritance or a gift deed

-        certification of authenticity of documents

-        registration of a company

-        certification of a signature for opening of a bank account

-        etc.



When a notary performs those or other notarial actions in the presence of foreign persons, he or she shall read an executed document to the foreign person and receive their consent with the written information. For the reason that all document and certifications are executed in Ukrainian, a degreed translator who has a diploma that certifies their qualification as a translator of the language of a foreign person should be present.

You may order the services of a degreed translator in our translation bureau in advance or, if necessary, urgently within one hour.