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           When a person is born, he or she soon receives their first document. The first document in a person's life is his or her birth certificate. Than there appear other documents and their number grows year by year. All of us are well aware that without documents a person's life becomes very complicated.

            A person becomes adult and receives a passport to prove their identity. Upon graduation from school a pupil receives a school certificate on the basis of which he or she may enter a university and continue their education. Upon graduation from university he or she receives a diploma that certifies that the person has completed their education and they can be entrusted with an interesting and promising job.

           In this manner during the whole lifetime every person's action will be confirmed documentarily, including such joyful occasions as marriage and birth of a child or sad events such as divorce; employment of dismissal from work; every person has his or her own important events. Nevertheless, the set of documents is almost the same for everybody.  

          Personal documents are: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and certificates of dissolution of marriage, death certificates, diplomas, school certificates etc.

Not all personal documents are standard ones.

           Standard documents are documents sharing common framework (pattern), but filled with individual data for every person.

          They include: all certificates issued by registry offices, passports, diplomas, school certificates, a non-conviction certificate, certificates from housing office, certificates from work etc.

           Documents that are executed originally for a definite person and may consist of several pages are called non-standard documents, namely: court decision, power of attorney, enclosure to diploma, letter of characteristics, work book, letter of recommendation, notarial declarations etc.

Why do we need to translate such documents?

For everybody this necessity has its individual reasons.

          Some people go abroad for studies; some for business trips, some for family reunification, some for earning money. Sometimes a man and a woman from different countries meet and decide to start a family.

           All personal documents, both standard and non-standard, need to be translated into the language of a country where the person goes.

The price of translation depends on the language of a country and on kind of a document. You may learn about price of translation of standard and non-standard documents at the page of our web-site.  Please find our price list here:

          In many cases owners of the documents have no idea where to start the preparation of documents for leaving abroad; what documents do they need to collect and where to turn for help.

           Our translation bureau offers preparation of complete package of documents for the citizens going abroad for conclusion of marriage, permanent place of residence, and for young people who decided to get their education in prestigious educational establishments of USA or Europe.