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A new translation product "Student life"

Are you a higher education establishment student, a pupil, a student of a vocational school or a technical school?  

Do you have an immense wish and ambition to get a good education abroad?  

Then be sure to attend this web-page of our translation bureau.

We are well aware of how is it difficult nowadays to receive a good worthy education. This includes impediments from embassies, financial issues and moral load (parting with family and friends).

And what about your parents? We understand them very well! Of course, everybody wants to give the best possible things to their child, including education, to allow their beloved son or daughter to achieve success in the future: to become a prominent scientist, the best surgeon or doctor, a renowned lawyer, politician etc.

Naturally sometimes these wishes do not coincide with financial possibilities.

That's why our translation bureau has first developed a new translation product "Student life".

What does this product include?

All students and their parents who order from our company translation and legalization of educational documents (school certificates, diplomas and enclosures to diploma, certificates from education institutions, student record books etc), receive the translation and legalization of their documents virtually at cost, that is our translation bureau doesn't charge additional payment for its services.

You may learn about prices in detail if you look at our price list below.

A special price for a translation product «Student life»

Price of translation of standard educational documents

(school certificates, diplomas, certificates from education institutions, births certificates of students etc.)

1                 Russian, Ukrainian - 10 Hrn.

2                 English, German - 20 Hrn.

3                 Spanish, Italian, French - 25 Hrn.

4                 Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Czech - 35 Hrn.

5                 Serbian, Croatian, Slovak, Macedonian, Slovenian -- 35 Hrn.

6                 Greek, Turkish, Portugese - 45 Hrn.

7                 Danish, Lettish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish - 50 Hrn.

8                 Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian, Turkmen, Uzbek -- 55 Hrn.

9                 Arabian, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Persian, Hindi, Japanese - 75 Hrn.

Enclosures to school certificates, diplomas, work books, student record books, letters of characteristics, letters of recommendation are counted according to the number of characters -- 2000 characters (1 page of translation) according to the tariff for a standard educational document without an additional payment for translation bureau services.

Please for translation of standard documents always provide the spelling of names and surnames according to the passport to avoid mistakes.

Price for notarial certification of translation of educational documents

Certification by a state notary -- 40 Hrn.

An educational document consisting of several pages, 5 and more, is counted according to the following pattern:  40 Hrn.+ 8 Hrn. per every page of a document.

Certification by a private notary -- 70 Hrn.

For a document consisting of more then 5 pages, price of certification is counted according to the following pattern:  70 Hrn. + 11 Hrn. per every page of a document.

Price of Apostille for a student

Ministry of Justice  - 85 Hrn.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs     - 85 Hrn.

Ministry of Education and Science:

From 35-40 days -- 85 Hrn.

Up to 20 working days -- 330 Hrn.

10 working days  - 215 Hrn.

Up to 2 working days -- 420 Hrn.

We hope that our new translation product is going to help you to enter prestigious international educational establishments and that the tariffs of other translation bureaus wouldn't scare you and turn you away from studies.