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Translation of texts of generic character: letters, newspaper clippings, labels etc. 

          All of us buy goods, products, magazines etc.

           Nowadays in the times of international economic relations goods, products and services move about the globe, from one country to another. When buying some product we want to know what it consists of and how to use it. Labels on cosmetic, chemical or detergent agents are often not translated: you cannot use a medical product, because it's instruction isn't translated; you don't know how to turn on and off a household appliance because you cannot read the manual etc.

You are welcome to our office!

            Our translation bureau has a vast experience in such translations. All you should do is bring a manual in to our translation bureau or send a scanned article via e-mail and you receive in a due time a translation of a needed manual or an article.


            Personal or official correspondence between individuals or organizations.

          Personal correspondence includes a friendly correspondence between relatives or close friends. In translation of such letters, a translator should know how to render correctly the sense and tone of personal correspondence.

           Official correspondence implies a more formal, mater-of-fact and business style of writing. It is used in course of negotiations between organizations, in concluding deals, in course of work process between partners etc. In this case, a translator should possess knowledge of official style of documents execution to render the message of a business letter correctly, that is the main function of business correspondence.

           Both kinds of correspondence include confidential information. In course of correspondence translation, our bureau guarantees observation of non-disclosure of information included in such correspondence.

Magazines, newspapers...

           You like an article in a glossy zine with a bright and spectacular layout or want to read an important article in a newspaper, but they are in a foreign language?

Our translation bureau offers a service of articles translation.

          A newspaper text has a range of characteristic lexical and syntactic traits that differentiate it from a scientific and technical text.

           In contrast to the neutral language of scientific and technical texts, the language of articles is often emotionally charged, that makes it closer to the language of belles-lettres. In such texts we come across different figures of speech, metaphors, idioms, elements of humour, sarcasm, irony etc. A full-fledged translation of a newspaper text must include besides a correct rendition of actual content all emotional elements included in the original, its political focus etc.

           In general, a newspaper text is characterized by brevity and laconicism, with this trait appearing especially prominent in newspaper headings.