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Translation of legal documents: statutes, licenses, suits, courts decisions etc.

          Legal documents are among the texts that have the greatest number of special terms.

           To make a translation correctly a translator needs not only an excellent knowledge of language, but also being something of a lawyer himself, because the same term can have several meanings in translation.
           In our translation bureau, only the translators that have graduated from legal faculties of different universities work with legal documents and texts. Our personnel manager introduces to our legal translators novelties in the legislation of Ukraine, rules of documents execution, interesting articles appearing in legal titles etc. It is done to increase the level of the translators' knowledge.
          Such legal documents as statutes, licenses, registration certificates, bank cards etc. have a sample form, it means that inside of a document only names, locations, dates etc. are changed.  Due to this fact, many translators consider translation of such documents an easy work. On the contrary, these documents require more attention because statutes and many other legal documents often have common form but different clauses about company business, different authorized capital, force majeures etc.  
           That's why our translators never use sample forms working with legal documents. Our translators work hard to convey the importance of every phrase and every line.
          A translator should remember that the main feature of legal documentation is precise and exact presentation of material while emotional elements are almost absent. 

In the text of translation the following spellings are left as in the original:

-        abbreviated names of marks of goods and mechanisms;

-        names of foreign  print publications.

 In the text of translation are transcribed:

-        foreign family names, proper names with the consideration of traditional spelling of well-known family names;

-        names of foreign companies, joint stock companies, concerns, monopolies, industrial associations;

-        corporate names of machines, devices, chemical substances, goods, materials.

 In the text of translation are substituted by equivalents:

-        scientific and technical terms;

-        geographic names.

          In addition to knowledge of terminology of legal texts and ability to use reference literature when necessary, a professional translator should be familiar with business language norms and standards in both languages. This is a top-priority requirement for a translator of legal, business and official documentation.