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     Translation of technical texts

          Technical translation is a translation used for exchange of specific scientific and technical information between people talking different languages and is one of the genres of specialized translation used for communication on technical subjects.

Technical texts include:

-        Manuals
-        Equipment specifications
-        Standard specifications for technical equipment
-        Technical requirements
-        Designs
-        Commercial proposals with description of equipment
-        Etc.
              By the translation of technical and scientific texts the task for a translator of a technical and scientific text devoid of emotional quality is simplified, because the translator only has to render the author's ideas exactly preserving his style where possible.
             To understand a technical and scientific text correctly a translator has to be well familiar with its subject and related terminology.
            As far as in technical and scientific texts terms render the most substantial information, we would like to give you some detail about terminology.

 Technical and scientific terminology

           The largest group consists of the terms borrowed from foreign languages or created by scientists artificially mainly based on Latin and Greek in course of development of science and technology and appearance of new notions.

           In particular, many terms appeared in England in XVIII --XIX centuries in the period of tremendous upgrowth of science, at the same time some terms of scientific language entered standard language and became common heritage.
          Those terms soon became widely understood due to the connection of the newest scientific discoveries with everyday life.
          Nevertheless we should mention that the main body of scientific and technical terms is still used outside the field of standard language and is understandable only to the specialists in a specific field of knowledge.
          While a term has such a specific trait as precision of semantic limits, it is much more independent from context then normal words.

          Main traits of scientific and technical style are clarity of presentation, precision of definitions, brevity of form.

           By translation of such text a translator should render the author's ideas fully and precisely in a form characteristic of scientific and technical style without transferring specific language traits of the original text into the translation.