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With us you can always have some good benefit, because we continuously offer discounts and promotions for the translation and affixation of an Apostille, which help people to save their money during these hard times. We offer the discount of 8% to every client when the amount of their order is 1800 UAH or more. The promotion campaign is valid from December 17 to December 30 2015. Translation Bureau "Antario M" Kyiv

That is how the new Apostille looks like after Ukraine joined the electronic service. Now the Apostille is affixed on the document with an electronic signature and original stamp that was not there before. Please contact us and we will assist in affixation of the new Apostille on the documents. Translation Bureau Antario M, Kyiv

Many of us like salted fish, especially the snacks made of it. And especially if it’s the red fish! In the restaurants everyone often orders the snacks of salted salmon, thinly sliced and sprinkled with dill. And almost everyone thinks that it is a purely Ukrainian serving. But only a few people know that this dish is called - gravlax. And it belongs to the Nordic kitchen. Most often it is served in Sweden. Translation Bureau “Antario M”, Kyiv

The Ministry of Justice intends to introduce a new electronic service - electronic Apostille. Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko emphasizes that the Apostille procedure is not of a commercial nature and is only the verification of documents. And so we introduce a new progressive service. Well, we will wait for the introduction of the new service. It remains only to study its work.
Translation Bureau Antario M, Kyiv


Since October 1, state authorities and local authorities have no right to demand from the citizens the provision of information, with which the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine operate, in paper form. This refers to the extracts from the register of real estate and businesses, as well as certificates of no criminal record. But we want to warn you that this only concerns the package of documents for submission to the domestic Ukrainian authorities. Translation Bureau "Antario M" Kyiv


The Italian language includes more than 10 000 words. Italian has 26 letters. The letters j, k, w, x, y occur in the words of foreign origin. In Italian there are two grammatical genders: masculine and feminine. An article expresses gender and number of nouns. In most cases gender of nouns in Italian can be identified by their endings.

In the Translation bureau Antario M the service of translation of texts and documents from the Italian language is available. We will perform in the shortest time -- different translations, technical translations, legal translations, medical translations, literary translation and translation of non-fiction literature, translation of business and personal correspondence, translation of personal documents and enterprise documents, interpreting at negotiations, interpreting by telephone, interpreting with accompanying and so on.

Italy -- is one of the oldest European countries, which has its wonderful and interesting history. There are three of all world wonders in Italy. The Church of St. Peter, or also known as the Temple on the tomb of apostle. The most famous tower in the world – is Pisa. Venice – is a city of canals and carnivals.


Hungary - is a small country in the heart of Europe. This plain region bordering with Ukraine and Romania, has a lot of natural values - Hortobagy National Park, rich water world of the "bright" River Tisza and Lake Tisza, as well as a pleasant climate and a large number of sunny days in a year. In local villages rare monuments of folk architecture are preserved and ancient traditions live there. Besides, the Hungarians themselves say that the famous Hungarian hospitality can be better experienced in these places.

The official language of Hungary - is Hungarian. The Translation Bureau Antario M provides services of translation of texts from Hungarian. That is: translations of texts, translations of documents, notarization of translations, interpreting at sight, interpreting by telephone, interpreting at negotiations, interpreting at seminars, interpreting at interview.

In its turn, the Slavic languages also influenced the languages of the peoples who have some ties and relationships with them. In the early middle Ages, Slavic languages were spread in Hungary, Romania and Greece (up to the Peloponnese). Information about them we get due to the toponymy of these countries and the oldest Slavic borrowings in Romanian, Hungarian and Modern Greek languages. Slavic borrowings, for example, in the Hungarian language are related to many aspects of social life, material and spiritual culture.

The Kingdom of Thailand until the early XX century was the State of Siam. The official language is the Thai language. However, in some communities, where the ethnic nationalities live the Malaysian, Chinese, Khmer, Hmong (one of the dialects of the Lao language), and Vietnamese are spoken.

The translation bureau Antario M offers the service of written translation from the Thai language. Most often we are asked to perform a translation of marriage certificates. In the country of people raised with the Kama Sutra love is in the air. So many women marry Thai men.

The Thai language has one particular feature - some words or names are spelled differently, but read the same, such are the peculiarities of this language. If a single letter of a word is removed, it will be written differently, but according to the rules read as before. Thus, in case of the translation of these differently spelled words, their meaning in Ukrainian or Russian language shall be the same. Our translation bureau offers assistance in the translation of documents and texts from the Thai language. Contact us and you will get a quick and high quality translation of various documents with notarization.

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